Somers Cooperative Preschool Back at Somers Congregational Church Location

The school was displaced after the fire, and found a home at the Somers Baptist Church, but has now returned to its former location and is open for the school year.

After being displaced by the , the is back in its original location at the .

Nicole Caron, president of the school, and Chris Castonguay, a board member, said that not a lot of people know that they are back in that location and that the school is open.

“I think people just think that we fall off the face of the Earth after something like that happens,” Caron said. “They don’t think that we could possibly open.”

They mentioned that some people have been concerned with what affects the construction would have on the school and the children, but they have been assured that there will be no problems. In addition, the doors are always locked, and the new alarm system goes directly to the in case of emergency.

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“In no way, shape, or form are any of the children going to be exposed to anything,” Castonguay said. “They’re safe as can be back here.”

While it is in its former location, the school is practically brand new, with all new floors, cabinets, and paint. Some of the furniture and toys were able to be saved – and were professionally cleaned – while some were thrown away.

The school has gone through several tests and inspections and has been given the go-ahead. It will open for the school year on Sept. 10 and there are still spaces available, including some grant ones for Ellington children.

Caron and Castonguay would like to extend their thanks to the , the school’s temporary home after the fire.

“It was almost like if we asked for anything, the answer was just immediately yes,” Castonguay said. “They were so open, so awesome. It was fantastic.”

They also send thanks to all the businesses, members, and former members who came and helped out, and who made donations.

“It definitely made a difference,” Castonguay said.

If you would like to learn more about the school, come out to an on Thursday from 6 p.m. until 7:30 p.m. There will also be an ice cream social open house at the school on Sept. 5.


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