Vernon's Wayward Pig May Have Found a New Home

A family is interested in taking her in as a pet, an official said.

Vernon's wayward pig, which has been staying at the local animal control shelter since she was picked up running around Route 83 on Oct. 1, may have found a home.

A family in Bolton is interested in adopting her as a pet, Animal Control Officer Craig Segar said on Friday.

He is trying to work out transportation.

The pig has been eating specialized food for snow swine and is a little bigger than she was when she first checked into Segar's hotel. She now weighs about 200 pounds, Segar said.

The female pig was picked up early Oct. 1, but has been well-behaved. Segar had to wait to let her loose in a roomy kennel at the shelter because she fell asleep in the small transport cage when she was en route. 

Segar said he hopes the details of the move can be worked out sometime next week.


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