Somers First Selectwoman Appreciative for Help in Obtaining Grant

Lisa Pellegrini handed out certificates of appreciation to four people who helped her get the open space grant for Camp Aya-Po.

Recently, Somers First Selectwoman Lisa Pellegrini presented four people with certificates of appreciation for their help obtaining the open space grant for Camp Aya-Po.

“I’m so excited because this is very personal for me,” she said to recipients Brad Pellissier, Karl Walton, Jeff Bord, and Kim LaFleur.

The first to receive his certificate was Pellissier, who Pellegrini thanked for all his encouragement. She said that he was also wonderful in getting support letters, and helping her with things she didn’t know about Camp Aya-Po, open space, and what works and doesn’t work in grant writing.

Next up was Walton, who Pellegrini said read and reviewed the grant after her 12-hour writing period. Pellegrini said that she was leaving for FEMA training and needed Walton to come in and review the grant the next day – which he did.

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“It was just wonderful and it really gave me some really good ideas which I think helped us get the grant,” she said.

Bord was the next person to receive his certificate of appreciation. Pellegrini said that she left for FEMA training and everything was laid out on the table in her office – covered in sticky notes. She added that she kept sending e-mails about what needed to be done.

According to Pellegrini, Bord went out and took pictures – while being attacked by bugs – and got all the documentation and maps that were needed. She said that he also assured her that everything would be fine and then drove the grant to where it needed to go – assuring that it got there on time.

Last but not least was LaFleur. Pellegrini said that LaFleur had to look at the piles every day and deal with all of Pellegrini’s calls and e-mails. Also, at the last minute, an important piece of documentation came in and LaFleur ripped all the paperwork apart and then put it all back together.


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