Connecticut Light & Power Company Tops Taxpayer List in Somers

The company makes up .88 percent of the Grand List.

The 2012 Somers Grand List saw a small amount of growth - .51 percent - and the additional assessment of $4,226,291 would generate an additional $97,711.85 in tax revenue at the current mill rate of $23.12/$1,000.

Here are the top 10 taxpayers in town:

Taxpayer Assessment % of Grand List Connecticut Light & Power Company 7,358,820 0.88% Grower Direct Farms Inc. 2,785,870 0.34% Conval Inc. 2,435,350 0.29% The Connecticut Water Company 2,314,020 0.28% Somers Crossing LLC 2,070,400 0.25% Somers Recreation Inc. 1,762,630 0.21% Housing Authority of the Town of Somers 1,680,000 0.20% Birkenshaw, David 1,659,860 0.20% Driving Range 349 Main Street LLC 1,357,880 0.16% Forty Scitico Road LLC 1,348,200 0.16%

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