Family Farm Providing Quality Eggs and Great Service

Myfarmstand.com, on Frog Hollow Road in Ellington, is focused on the product and the customers who support the farm.

Looking for farm fresh eggs or chickens to lay fresh eggs? You’re in luck. Myfarmstand.com in Ellington can help you with that.

Opened in 2009, the family-run farm has 100 hens laying eggs in its coop. Jonathan Moser and his family, wife Angela, and five children, Ethan, Ella, Anna, Abram, and Lena – run the farm at 31 Frog Hollow Rd.

“We take great care in providing a quality egg and great service to our customers,” said Moser. “Being small allows us to remain family operated, focused on our product and the customers who support us. We enjoy being part of our community and do as much business as we can with local families. “

During certain seasons of the year, the farm also has sweet corn and hay available. 

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“We hope to continue to grow our small farm over the next few years,” Moser said.

Moser said that as stewards of Connecticut’s working landscape, the family treats th farm as a precious irreplaceable resource. 

“We follow sustainable farming practices that ensure our cropland will be productive for future generations,” he said. “We raise our hens with the utmost care, feeding them wholesome grain that is free of antibiotics and animal by-products. This guarantees healthy and nutritious eggs that our family eats regularly.”

 According to Moser, an Ellington native and Ellington High School graduate, part of the concept of this small farm is to get the kids involved. 

“Currently Ethan and Abram collect the eggs every day to make sure we have a fresh supply of eggs for our customers,” he said. “Ella and Anna are twins, and they take turns every week cleaning and boxing the eggs. We have five jars that we split the money –  one for each kid and one for the cost of the grain.”

Moser said that the price of grain has doubled in the past two years and this might cause the family to raise the price, but for now the plan is to stay at $4 per dozen eggs. When someone would like to purchase eggs, they are able to help themselves – the payment is on the honor system.

He says their business mantra comes from Luke 6:31: “And as ye would that men should do to you, do ye also to them likewise.”

When Moser is not working, he says he is being a husband and father, cultivating and implementing a creative concept around the farm, enjoying fellowship with local farmers and egg buyers, and thanking God for friends, family, and faith.

For more information about the farm, check out myfarmstand.com.


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