Results and Photos from 22nd Annual Scantic Spring Splash

More than 100 people from throughout New England participated in Saturday's race, including successful paddlers from Ellington and Somers.

The weather was nice, but the water was chilly on Saturday as 131 people brought their canoes and kayaks to the banks for Scantic River for the annual Spring Splash race.

Local paddlers did well this year, with several placing and many more stepping out of their boats with smiles on their faces.

Ellington residents Matthew and David Mangold crossed the finish line after traveling the five miles down river, with one mandatory portage and three Class II rapids, in 47:19 in the men's recreational canoe category.

Rex Joffrax and Churck Carson, both of Somers, went from the Somersville start to the Hazardville finish in 47:01 in the locals recational canoe category.

For more information about the race, and to view the results, please read the attached PDF. Don't forget to watch the two short video clips of paddlers as they maneuver through some of the more tricky rapids on the course!


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