Somers High School Seniors Leave Artistic Time Capsule

SHS students paint the world as they see it on the school's walls.

Seniors at Somers High School are leaving their interpretation of the world around them, one stroke at a time, on the school's cafeteria wall. 

The Honors Arts Class is creating an artistic time capsule and has painted images that represent current trends in music, technology and society.

"The mural defines the Class of 2011," said Megan, 17.  "It is a time capsule of what is happening to our world right now."

"We all contributed to the mural," said Maddie, 18.  "It starts off with some doodling, then if we think it, as a team, is an important part of our current culture, then it is added to the mural."

Images on the wall include everything from characters in the box-office hit movie Avatar and music sensations Michael Jackson and Lady Gaga to representations of an unemployment office, the nation's oil spills and a soldier helping a child. Lest they be forgotten, the students also include modern communication devices, such as a smart phone and its "apps" and even a little bird called 'Twitter.' 

Art Teacher Carol Liucci has overseen the creation of four similar murals during her years at Somers High School. 

"The mural that was done about five years ago is still talked about and admired by the students," Liucci said.  "It was during the time of 9-11 and world unrest. The seniors that year painted all the remarkable happenings of their year as students.  Now the seniors of the Class of 2011 are doing the same thing for their mural… defining what is happening in their world, in their time."

Liucci has also assisted previous senior classes with murals representing the powerful and influential men and women of not only their time, but of times past.

"The murals of black and white characters going into the student bathrooms, one of women and one of men, were made up of important people the students thought had formed our world, like John F. Kennedy, Elvis Presley, Harpo Marx, along with Lucille Ball, Marilyn Monroe and Jackie Kennedy, all of which contributed to the world in such a way they have left a lasting impression," she said.

"It is interesting to hear what people say about the past murals," Liucci said.  "And this class’s mural will bring the same interest."


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