Meet Erin McGrath, a Local and Global Whiz Kid

McGrath, a freshman at Ellington High School, is involved on many different levels.

Names: Erin McGrath

Age: 14


Accomplishment: Erin organized a benefit concert at Ellington High School to benefit Haiti.

Key to Awesomeness: After the earthquake hit Haiti last year, Erin set out on a new life mission of helping the people of Haiti. As an eighth grader, she put together her first benefit concert. She had no idea how much work goes into concerts at the time, but after the first concert brought in over $1000, she couldn't wait to do it again. Now, she gets the privilege of working with her best friends, her community, Mr. Bill Prenetta, and the Ellington public schools to put on another wonderful program - and many more to come. She loves being on the stage and is avidly involved in the Opening Knight Players and EHS. She plays alto saxophone in EHS Marching Knights, concert band, and Wind Ensemble. She also is a guitar player of four years and a self taught pianist. Erin loves writing books and lyrics for songs. She is also a member of Rise Above. Erin loves French and English, and hopes to pursue a career in writing or helping Haitian people. Her goal is to one day attend the University of Notre Dame and spend at least a week of her life doing relief work in Haiti.


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