Candidates for State Representatives Participate in Forum at East Windsor High School

The Friday night Conversation with the Candidates included the candidates from District 57 and District 59.


The candidates for state house Districts 57 and 59 participated in a forum at East Windsor High School Friday night.

Sponsored by the Student Government Association and the Social Studies Department of the high school, the candidates answered questions they were given in advance. Andrew Masters, social studies department head, said the issues were given to the candidates in advance so they had time to prepare their answers.

In the first round, District 59 candidates incumbent State Rep. David Kiner, a Democrat, and challenger Joseph Bosco, a Republican, described their contrasting views on questions. After redistricting, District 59 will now include about one third of East Windsor in its boundaries.

Kiner said he is running for re-election because he was raised in a house where there is a commitment to public service. He said he wants to go back to Hartford and be a voice for Enfield and East Windsor.

Bosco said the hardest thing about running for the seat is he respects Kiner and considers him a friend. But he chose to run for state representative because he thinks things
are going terribly wrong in state government, with taxes being too high and too much spending.

When asked about how the state and local government collects revenue, Kiner said municipalities have been too reliant on property taxes. During the current budget, the state legislature did not cut aid to municipalities and began sharing some sales taxes.

Bosco said you have to look at how you’re taxing people. He said as a member of the Enfield Town Council, they were able to pass a budget with no tax increases.

Kiner countered that Enfield was able to do that because the state didn’t cut aid to municipalities.

When asked about shared sacrifices in dealing with the state’s fiscal woes last year, Kiner said the legislature cut the budget, increased taxes and got concessions from state employees.

“I’ve said there’s no way we could tax our way out of the problem and there’s no way we can cut our way out of the problem,” Kiner said.

Bosco said it was a myth that the budget was reduced. He said the governor and legislature increased spending.

“I’d have no problem paying more taxes if I knew other people were taking the hit,” Bosco said.

In the District 57 portion of the forum, incumbent Christopher Davis, a Republican, and challenger Jason Bowsza, Democrat, spoke of their differing views of the legislature and why the are seeking election to the seat. The district represents East Windsor and Ellingon.

Davis said during his first term he has prided himself on being accessible to residents in East Windsor and Ellington. Davis said the important thing facing the state right now is jobs and that Connecticut hasn’t had job growth for 20 years.

Bowsza said during his campaigning he’s found that people are tired of the partisanship at the capitol. He said people are hurting, worried about their jobs, how to fee their families and pay their mortgages. He said they need to focus on solutions and not advancing political parties’ agendas.

When asked about state and local revenues, Davis said he would like to see a bill that would require the legislature to have a two-thirds majority to approve new taxes or mandates. That would lessen the impact of partisanship, he added. He said he would also like to see sales tax revenue increased to municipalities and reduced for the state.

Bowsza said the property tax structure is unfair to taxpayers, it doesn’t reflect on a person’s ability to pay or the amount of services they receive. Until the legislature has a serious discussion about that, nothing will change, he said. Until then municipalities have two options,  reduce spending or increase taxes, which all have done.

When asked about shared sacrifices on solving the state’s problems, Davis said the people who saw sacrifices were taxpayers who saw their taxes increases. He said he thinks there are four areas the state should invest in: public education; public safety; public transportation and public health. Everything else should be subject to some reductions, he said.

“I’ve always supported reducing taxes instead of increasing spending,” Davis said.

Bowsza said he thinks the state needs to reduce its debt service. He said the state should limit bonding to school buildings, roads and infrastructure and water safety. He said legislators should be open to each other’s proposals and work together.

“You can’t build a budget on one shot revenues and irresponsible cuts,” Bowsza said.

When asked about job growth and keeping businesses in Connecticut, Davis said he had been personally effected by the job market when he was downsized a month before his wedding. He said the company he worked for moved his job to another state. Becoming business friendly and do that by reducing the cost of doing business.

Bowsza said he would introduce a bill that would give grants to small businesses seeking to expand as long as they keep and create jobs in Connecticut. If they are willing to invest in Connecticut then Connecticut would willing to invest in them.

Henry Q. Mann, the mann with the plann October 22, 2012 at 05:14 PM
I just want to go on record by saying that I personally think it's abhorrent what Mr. Bowsza did to Mr. Mario and Mr. Luigi. To not only perpetrate the kidnapping of a princess, but to then subject her rescuers to a bizarre assortment of torturous obstacles, Mr. Bowsza demonstrated his true character. His actions bordered on international terrorism and, given that Mr. Mario and Mr. Luigi are of Italian descent, I believe his misdeeds were racially motivated. Mr. Davis on the other hand, aside from maintaining a busy schedule as a public official in our fine state, found the time to lead the Baltimore Orioles of the American League to the playoffs for the first time in well over a decade. His performance helped galvanize a fledgling fan base, and captivated the entire baseball nation. I applaud him for his commitment to bettering our district, and for laying off the 3-2 breaking ball. Bravo, Mr. Davis.
reggie jenkins October 27, 2012 at 01:28 AM
So my brother just told me about this thread and how hilarious it was, so I had to stop by and take a gander. Man, this is some serious grade A awesomeness going down right here. A few thoughts- 1. Does this douchebag Jason seriously have his mother chiming in for him? It's like he's a 5 year old child that got pushed on the playground or yelled at by a teacher for acting like a total homo. 2. I grew up in East Windsor until lived there I was 20 and had lots of classes with Jason. Holy crap, take my word for it, this dude is a real life prick. He was in the TAG classes , which stands for “Talented And Gifted”. No, seriously, that is what they called the creepy, ultra serious, socially inept weirdos that they segregated from the unwashed masses. Still, he was talented, he was very talented at being an absolute puke of a suckup and he was very gifted when it came to pointing his nose down at everyone else.
reggie jenkins October 27, 2012 at 01:29 AM
To this day I can still remember that horrible squinty eyed fraud of a smile he would give the teachers, just begging for a pat on his circa-1992 L.A. Looks slathered head. His insecurity was always on display if you watched closely enough. Even when he was proving how smart he was, this kid's entire demeanor was screaming "I GET OFF ON MAKING OTHER PEOPLE LOOK STUPID". And this was just when he was like ten years old. Is it any wonder this annoying little tool would go into politics, where "subtlety" is a curse word and and the pseudo-intellectual wannabes rule all? 3. Jason's father was actually my basketball coach one year when I was young. He was usually half decent, but I still remember him seeming really uncomfortable around my father, a lower middle class factory worker. My father is literally one of the most friendly people you could ever meet in your life, and an unarguably great guy, but he oozed the persona of a working class stiff. Even at a young age, I could tell Mr. Bowsza wasn't down with that at all. Come to find out, he's an insurance salesman. Fitting. Maybe if my father was in the market for some low deductible term life insurance, Jason's father would have acted differently. 4. I don't think I've ever met Jason's mother, except that I may have met her when I was very young, at a basketball game or something. So up until now I had no clue what she was like. But clearly, this lady is as big of a fake, annoying, arrogant fruitcake as her dear son.
reggie jenkins October 27, 2012 at 01:30 AM
Ask yourself what type of grown man has his mother out scouring the internet on his behalf, fighting his battles, and getting all in a menopausal tizzy over some gay local election in the middle of Connecticut that no one gives two craps about except the people running? Of course, I'm sure Jason and his mother would bother immediately say that Jason would never actually tell her to do this, and that she is doing because she "wholeheartedly believes in the philosophical pureness" of her son or some other jingoistic crap that only a weak-minded moron would buy. Ask yourself now, what type of man would even ALLOW his mother to do all this ham-fisted clucking on his behalf? What type of man would not feel total and unequivocal embarassment from that? Only a limp-wristed fruit, duh. And what about her reaction to the “Henry Q Mann” post? Wow. Like I said, things like humor and subtlety are not grasped easily by this family. 5. I too have witnessed Bowsza's insane and destructive actions. From trying to stomp out the Mushroom Kingdom, to his S&M styled torture of Princess Peach, this man is truly a psychopath. Without a doubt, our only hope are the two brave knights Mario and Luigi, our generations truest anti-terror warriors. Godspeed brave soldiers, may you both drive Bowzsa Koopa to meet his deserved fate of pure and unmitigated, utterly harsh, and impossibly swift justice.
reggie jenkins October 27, 2012 at 01:31 AM
6. Can Jason find some more parents, aunts, cousins, neighbors, old boyfriends etc. to tell us all about how he is the new messiah? Even after just a couple statements from them, I'm already convinced. Objectivity, I guess that got lost along with that file on “subtlety”. 7. Search Google and look at pictures of this dude. The queer little overly-rehearsed politician's smile, hollow eyes, pudgy stomach, clammy hands- this guy is a classic fraud. Listen to him speak- generic, vague, pointless and boring. A classic and classless politician. 8. Jason is a generic liberal, which means he's somehow both cowardly and fascistic at the same time. Genius! Just like the angry condo board member who will get to the ends of the Earth to fine you $50 for parking in his spot, but would never in a million years ever actually confront you face to face about it. 9. He's basically just another celery-eating, upper middle class, snobbish, spoiled little white kid. Definitely sounds like the type of person I want having power over me! 10. I don't know Chris Davis much, but I went to school with his older brother, and he was a pretty cool dude. I'll take the unknown brother of a decent guy over Gayson Bow-wow-wow-za anyday. That's an easy one. 11. Eat grits. they're good for you, and pretty tasty too. Sincerely, Reggie Jenkins, formerly of lovely East Windsor


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