Gnawing the Code, a Fall From Grace and a Monster Truck

Remarkable police cases from around the state.

Here is a look at this week's remarkable police cases.

The Case: A Norwalk man was arrested following a disturbance call Sunday, according to police. The disturbance stemmed from a verbal argument between the man and his wife regarding the couple’s children.

The OMG-PD Twist: When police arrived, the man put a bag of white powder in his mouth, refusing to spit it out when asked by the officers after he swallowed the substance why he did it, the man replied, “It’s not cocaine, it’s crushed codeine,” according to the police report.

The Case: Two Wilton residents, one believed to be a co-captain of the high school wrestling team, were arrested Saturday after allegedly trying to steal a New Canaan Rams flag from the press box at Dunning Field in New Canaan.

The OMG-PD Twist: Both were dressed in Wilton wrestling attire and believed to be competing in the Fairfield County Interscholastic Athletic Conference wrestling tournament at New Canaan High School on Feb. 11, according to the police report.

The Case: In Orange, an East Haven Woman was pulled over for suspected DUI.

The OMG-PD Twist: Officers observed a vehicle driving on Lambert Road with two flat tires on Feb. 3 at 12:34 a.m.

The Case: A man detained in a holding cell at the Norwalk Police Department attempted to escape from the cell.

The OMG-PD Twist: According to police, the man climbed into the ceiling briefly before the ceiling tiles gave way causing him to fall to the floor knocking him unconscious.

The Case: A huge truck caused quite a stir at Danbury's Exit 2 rest stop on Interstate-84.

The OMG-PD Twist: It was a real monster. The truck has 19 axles. It has 74 tires and it weighs more that 300,000 pounds. It was carrying a long, huge piece of steel, a passerby said.


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