Ellington, Somers Prepare for Hurricane Sandy

With the storm heading our way, officials are doing what they can to be ready.

As Hurricane Sandy approaches Connecticut, people in Ellington and Somers are beginning to prepare.

People are going to gas stations and grocery stores, and are stocking up on items they may need in case there are power outages.

In Ellington, Department of Public Works Director Timothy Webb said that the town is preparing, as it does for many weather events, with chain saws, loaders, and other equipment. He said that manpower will also be ready.

Somers Department of Public Works Director Todd Rolland said that his department is increasing the waterway and culvert inspections and cleaning, topping off and testing all town emergency generators, forward deploying the stock of shelter supplies such as cots, blankets, and MREs, is checking and making ready all equipment and hand tools, and is inspecting and securing all town facilities.

Somers First Selectwoman Lisa Pellegrini said that she has had a meeting with Emergency Management Director Dan Thayer, all town hall staff, Selectman Kathy Devlin, Superintendent of Schools Maynard Suffredini, School Business Manager Bill Boutwell, Fire Chief Gary Schiessl, Connecticut State Police Sgt. Jose Claudio, and the CERT team leader.

The town of Somers has also posted on its Web site a preparation information sheet. The sheet notes the Somers Web site, the Connecticut Emergency Alerting and Notification System Web site, and the Get Ready-Connecticut site.

It also notes that daily messages will be available at the water point at the Somers Fire Department only after a State of Emergency has been declared.

Should the storm warrant the activation of emergency services, water will be available at the Somers Fire Department, shelter will be at Somers High School, and showers will be available at Somers High School or Mabelle B. Avery Middle School (depending on the severity of the situation).

The Somers Emergency Operations Center phone number is 860-763-7063.

The Ellington shelter, at Ellington High School, is a pet friendly one. Here are some reminders from Ellington Animal Control.

The minimum requirements to admit your pet into the emergency shelter are as follows:

1. You must be staying in the shelter yourself.
2. You must provide your own kennel, for both cats and dogs. One per cat, and they must be large enough for a litter box, food, and water. Dog crates must be large enough for the dog to stand, turn around, lay down and room for water dish.
3. You must bring your own food/water bowls, dog/cat food, litter and litter boxes.
4. Proof a Rabies vaccination for each pet is required. If this is not provided, you may be turned away or asked to isolate your pets from others. Call your veterinarian and ask for a copy if you do not have one on hand.
5. A leash is required and you must provide your own waste pick up bags.
6. A picture I.D. from the owner will be needed. This is to verify ownership information and proof of residency.

Other considerations:
1. Vaccination history
2. Date of last flea preventative application (if fleas are seen on your pet, while residing at the shelter - a flea preventative application will applied, and the owner will be charged)
3. Blanket or towel for kennel
4. Dog license number and/or tag
5. Microchip information


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