Freeze Warning in Effect: How to Protect Flowers From Frost

When temperatures are expected to drop below freezing, here's how to protect your budding spring garden!

Credit: RC Designer, via flickr creative commons
Credit: RC Designer, via flickr creative commons
For some areas in Connecticut, the temperatures are slated to drop below freezing and freeze warnings are in effect

The forsythias had just started to bloom at home and then that snow-ice storm arrived. They looked droopy for days!

The Gardening Know How website offers the following tips on how to protect plants from frost damage.

Do you have any tried and true methods to share with us in the comments section?

  • Cover your plants and flowers with old blankets, sheets or burlap sacks. Drape the covering loosely and secure it with stakes, rocks or bricks, especially with the high winds forecasted for this evening.
  • Remove the covers once the sun comes out the following morning; otherwise, the plants may suffocate.
  • Water your plants a day or two before the frost is expected. Wet soil holds more heat than dry soil. Don't saturate the plants while the temperatures are extremely low, otherwise frost heave occurs. Light watering in the evening hours, before temperatures drop, will help raise humidity levels and reduce frost damage, according to Gardening Know How.
  • Mulch helps lock in moisture and holds in heat when the temperatures drop.
  • Raised beds also help protect plants against frost damage.


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