Lots of Work Getting Underway on New Meeting House

According to the Somers Congregational Church Web site, residents can watch for a lot of activity to be taking place around the site.

This information was published in the Somers Congregational Church restoration news center on Sept. 26, 2012:

Rev. Dr. Barry Cass

What a glorious day we had for the Ground Breaking Celebration on Sunday!  Upwards of 300 people gathered, the choir sounded great, the refreshments were spot on, and the Somers Congregational United Church of Christ opened a new chapter in its life.  We have begun building the church’s fourth Meeting House.  There are pictures on our web site and our Facebook page and there will be more added.  We are thankful for the news coverage we received and for the support of the many people who joined in the celebration.

In any big project there are always people who are very busy behind the scenes, doing things that need to be done without fanfare or recognition.  Since shortly after the fire we have been lucky to have Lois Lindell, our Assistant Collector, receiving and recording all the contributions that have been made to the rebuilding fund.  Lois has kept an accurate list of contributors and set the names and addresses along to the appropriate people so that acknowledgements and thank you notes could be sent. 

This morning when I arrived at the church there were people from Avery Construction and Petra Construction consulting about the site work that is about to begin.  In order to prepare the site for the Meeting House, the remaining foundation and slab will need to be replaced, a trench for utility conduits dug and the level of the foundation floor lowered.  Watch for lots of activity in the next few days.

Work in the office wing is proceeding.  The painting is nearly done on the first floor and is well underway on the second.  Most of the work to install the temporary boiler has been done and the rest should be finished this week.  Final installation of the fire alarm system will be completed and the data and voice systems will be completed soon.  Flooring can be installed on the first floor next week and then on the second in a couple of weeks.  Plumbers will be working this week to get the rest rooms in working order.  At this point we are on schedule to move back into the offices at the end of October.  With the move we will be able to remove the office trailer from the parking lot.

When construction gets underway there will be an office trailer belonging to Petra Construction in the parking lot.  There will also be fences with locked gates to secure the construction area and keep the whole church property safe.  The people from Petra have done a lot of planning to be sure our site will be neat and safe.  We are, of course, counting on church people to pay attention to the signs posted and to use extra caution when they are in the parking lot.

We want to again thank all those who had a hand in making the Ground Breaking Celebration a joy-filled afternoon!  Church members and the community have been a blessing throughout this challenging year.


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