How To Get Your BEST Workout Ever? Hint: It Comes In A Cup!

Before I go into the five reasons you should add caffeine, please realize I did not say to add those crap in a can energy drinks, soda or coffee with cream and/or sugar.

Caffeine: It Does A Work Out GOOD!

Before I go into the five reasons you should add caffeine, please realize I did not say to add those crap in a can energy drinks, soda or coffee with cream and/or sugar.

Why do they call them energy drinks?

Because these drinks have a TON of simple carbohydrates (12 grams of HFCS in each can), which has the same effect as giving ice cream to a toddler in July. By that standard, ice cream is an energy food (sarcasm).

Also, like anything that is good for you - you can over do it, same as with caffeine.

Caffeine in too great amounts does raise blood pressure and heart rate along with interfering with your nervous systems ability to properly regulate stress (prevents adenosine from damping down our flight or fight response).

How To Get Your BEST Work Out Ever?

Consider, why the world's best athletes use caffeine?  

Coffee, the "secret" that endurance athletes have known for years. It's no secret, and scientist like to run studies that will already prove what was common sense to these athletes for years.

For example the following study: Prevalence of caffeine use in elite athletes following its removal from the World Anti-Doping Agency list of banned substances. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/21854160

I provided the link to show you that the best of the best endurance athletes use caffeine and so should you, here is why:

Top FIVE: 

  1. Reduces pain while training, meaning you can train longer and harder, great for people who love to be at the gym - the reason why is not fully understood, it may have to do with adenosine again, which is a chemical that helps control muscle fatigue/contraction. (Cross-fit, bodybuilders or people who like the weights)  
  2. Improves endurance training, triathlons, marathons - so runners and cyclists would benefit,caffeine has been shown to help release fatty acids in the blood to help with fuel.   
  3. Improves mental alertness (we knew this one) http://bjsm.bmj.com/content/45/15/A5.3.abstract In the study posted, these soccer guys were able to be more accurate with their skills, all from drinking caffeine.
  4.  Caffeine is a positive mood enhancer, and has a positive psychological affect when exercising. Meaning you feel better at the gym and want to do more and exercise more often. 
  5. Caffeine  is a good fat burner, it has a positive effect on your adrenals to help fat to be mobilized as fuel. 

But....(here is the CATCH)

Dr. Mohr is a researcher with athletics and caffeine, his quote is very telling; "it's likely that you get more effect" if you're not habituated to the drug."  And Dr. Mohr goes on to say: "In the meantime, probably everyone can get some fatigue-delaying and mood-enhancing benefits from caffeine." 

Take a cup of Joe with you to the gym and get a better workout.

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