A Look Inside Beautiful Things Interiors & Gifts

Owner Lori LaDue's small business has been in its Somers location since 2008.

Since Nov. 2008, Lori LaDue’s has occupied a small storefront on South Road in Somers.

The shop has a boutique type feel to it, but it is also very homey and welcoming. and her staff greet every customer as they enter and with a smile, help them find what they are looking for.

“I like being tied to the community,” LaDue said. “I love to chat with people and when they come in, I feel like they’re my friends, or we talk about something of interest. I get a lot of repeat people who come in too.”

LaDue has also been tied to the community through charitable giving. She has donated merchandise, money, and sponsorships to local organizations - including local churches.

When it comes to the opening of the store, LaDue said she likes to jokingly tell people she planned her mid-life crisis early.

“I knew years ago that I would have store one day,” she said. “I have a big family, so gift shopping around where I lived was impossible to shop for everybody. Everything was like 20 miles round trip to go anywhere.”

While LaDue was working on her MBA, the idea for the store started as a business plan. Then, a dance studio in Somers moved to a new location and her dream became a reality.

“There wasn’t really anywhere around here that was the location for me,” LaDue said. “And one day, driving through Dunkin’ twice a day, the “For Rent” sign was up – right when the dance studio moved out. I loved the windows and the double-doors and I was like, ‘It’s small but there’s my store.’”

She said that she looked at other locations – so as not to jump at the first thing she saw – but decided to choose the 750 square foot building.

“I do have aspirations of being much bigger down the road,” LaDue said.

When it came to naming the store, LaDue originally thought of doing a one-name name, but decided it wouldn’t accurately describe what her business was all about. So because she sells beautiful things, that’s where the name came from.

The beautiful things that she sells includes home décor, candles, soaps, jewelry, handbags, and more.

Some of the brands LaDue sells include Chamilia, Brighton, and Vera Bradley.

“I keep brands that stand behind their product,” she said.

She describes the items for sale as different, unique, beautiful, some a touch vintage, California-brand and French inspired, and affordable.

“I do try to keep the beautiful and unique with affordable price points,” LaDue said.

For more information about Beautiful Things Interiors & Gifts, go to www.shopbtig.com or follow Beautiful Things Interiors & Gifts on Facebook.

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