What Sold Locally: Feb. 8-Feb. 14

The most expensive property transaction in Ellington was for $420,000 and the only property transaction in Somers was for $123,000.


Richard K. Edwards (Trustee) transferred a piece of property on Reeves Road to John J. O'Connor III for $150,000.

David K. Hwang and Yunan Jiang transferred the property at 5 Ellridge Pl. to James P. Fitzgerald and Cecilia M. Fitzgerald for $420,000.

Emil Schoenborn, Annmarie Ericson, and Janice Lynn Messino (Trustees) transferred the property at 1 Ardsley Ln. to Yvette M. Parent and Ernest W. Parent, Sr. for $213,000.


John D. Maulucci transferred the property at 200 Root Rd. to Dennis N. Barlow and Marianne L. Barlow for $123,000.

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