Concrete Poured for Somers Congregational Church Stairs

This marked a milestone in the restoration of the church.

Last week - before all the snow came - the concrete for the front steps of the Somers Congregational Church was poured.

This marked an exciting milestone in the restoration project because with the steps in place, people will all be able to better visualize the meeting house that will be rising.  

"The foundation that went in in December could have been for any building, but the steps - once the forms are removed - are distinctive," Rev. Barry Cass said. "These are truly the steps for the church."

Right now the steps are just concrete, but later in the summer, there will be a granite veneer that will be added to duplicate the look of the steps destroyed in the fire.

The steel for the church will arrive in March after an unexpected delay. Cass said that once it arrives, things will begin to look up and the church will appear on the foundation.  

"Each step in the process helps us realize that we are moving forward," he said.

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